General web development resources

  • is a guided tour through curated, free coding tutorials on the web.
  • For your mobile app's responsive layout, we highely recommend Bootstrap framework, you can refer to this page for examples and references.
  • jquery.comTo add interactivities to your mobile web app, jQuery will be super helpful. You can find a lots of tutorials through, and you can always refer to its official documentatio through this link.
  • If you want to incorporate cutting-edge technology such as Angular.js to your Node.js app, has greate tutorials for you to learn and practice.
  • Code Academy offers one of the best online interactive platform to learn web development. You can find lessons about HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery from here.
  • Another great online platform to learn web dev stuffs

Web design tutorial

  • Web Design trail map from Thoughtbot
  • An easy to follow design course for people who want to learn more about web design Hacker Design

User Experience Design Product hunt list here

Web design resources

  • Web fonts: Use custom fonts for better typography. Google Web Fonts is a great source of easy-to-add fonts (list of highlights). Also, here's a nice article about good typography.
  • Icons There are a number of free icon packages out there (just search around). Font Awesome is a good start though.
  • Subtle Patterns: Ever wondered how to make backgrounds a little more interesting than a plain color? You can use Subtle Patterns to add a light pattern to your designs.
  • Flat color picker
  • HD images for your website and design Resplashed
  • Product hunt design resource collection here
  • Use Google device mode to fit a mobile form factor

  • Resources for text messaging, VOIP & VOICE

    • You can hyperlink your phone numbers so that mobile users can simply click on them and start a phone call, <a href="tel:3177594940">317.759.4940</a>
    • You can do the same thing for SMS, <a href="sms://+14035550185">Send an SMS</a>, Some systems (Android, Symbian, webOS) don’t allow a number, then you can try <a href="sms:">Send an SMS</a>

    If you want to programmingly send SMS or invoke phone call or video streaming, you can check out Twilio They also offer helper library for Node.js app Twilio node lib



    Internet Services/Social Media

    • Accessing Calendar:There's no way I know of to access the native calendar on the mobile device. However, you can integrate with Google Calendar API and load the data that way.
    • Accessing Contacts:Similarly, no native way of accessing contacts but you can use Google Contacts API if you need their contact info or use the Facebook APIfor friends
    • Facebook:If you need to access Facebook data on their phone, use the Facebook Javascript API. Otherwise, there are several third-party Node.js libraries to access the API.


    • Taking a photo/picking photo: If you have a newer version of the iPhone (iOS6+) or Android (3.0+), use HTML Media Capture
    • QR Code Reading: Substantially more difficult. Just about do-able if you take a photo using HTML Media Capture (see above) and use a QR code library on the server-side to read the QR code from the picture (e.g. No guarantees on this one though.